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A Cosmetic Dentist You Can Trust

Saddleback Dentistry is the only cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills to consider if you are unhappy with the way your teeth and gums look in the mirror.

From a gummy smile to missing teeth, people don’t always feel so good when it comes to their reflection.

Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle are passionate about smiles and offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments for both subtle and dramatic changes.

Laguna Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Unfortunately, procedures such as porcelain veneers and cosmetic dental crowns aren’t always successful because not all dentists are trained to provide patients with cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry takes additional training and while you may think anyone can repair a gummy smile that isn’t the case.

Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia have seen their share of not so good dental work. That not so good dental work translates to, “Do overs.”

From veneers that are too large to crowns that weren’t placed properly bad cosmetic dentistry does happen and will continue to do so.

The only way to prevent a bad situation from happening to you is to see a cosmetic dentist that has the experience and knowledge to provide you with safe solutions that wear and fit the way they should. Saddleback Dentistry is that cosmetic dentistry office in Laguna Hills.

Starting from the Beginning

Most people have no idea that the jaw and jaw joints affect the way your teeth come together and your bite. For instance, if your temporomandibular joint is out of alignment or you suffer from a cross or under bite, restorations will not stay put.

In other words, veneers, inlays, fillings and cosmetic restorations should never be placed until the bite problem is taken care of.

According to your cosmetic dentist patients with bite problems tend to clench and grind teeth. Teeth are just as strong as your bones and wear down from chronic clenching and grinding. While your restorations are strong they won’t be able to withstand constant grinding either.

A Good Cosmetic Dentist

Having a good cosmetic dentist onboard takes care of the bite issues. This means you can enjoy your restorations for years to come as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry call or send a direct message. You will love the results. Schedule an appointment with Saddleback Dentistry today.  

BruxZir Same Day Crowns

Saddleback Dentistry is constantly striving to offer patients the best technology. Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle are passionate about dentistry always going one step further with the latest in dental technology. Dental Technology like BruxZir same day dental crowns

One Day Dentistry in Laguna Hills

BruxZir_dental_crowns_Laguna_Hills_DentistThe latest of the dental technology is one day dentistry. That’s right. With Saddleback Dentistry you can walk in with a broken tooth and walk with a brand new dental crown.

With this amazing dental technology in Laguna Hills you won’t have to worry about temporary restorations or messy impressions either.

It’s important to note that because BruxZir crowns are made from solid zirconia, the strongest dental ceramic on the planet, they are not as prone to chipping.

Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia can’t say enough about how patients feel when the new dental crown is placed in a single dental appointment.

BruxZir In House Milling

Your cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills is now proud to offer BruxZir one visit crowns. This means you can have a new crown in one visit without temporaries and multiple dental visits.

Everyone knows that time is money. Conventional dental crowns require at least two dental appointments. In some cases patients may need three visits for a conventional dental crown.

Because BruxZir can only be used by dentists who have had the training and purchased the equipment you know you are in good hands.

Both Dr. Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle have taken additional BruxZir educational training courses. This ensures the best fit and the best look when it comes to your new dental crowns.

Same Day Dentistry

Saddleback Dentistry understands how important time is, especially if you have a demanding job or a houseful of people who demand your attention.

If you can relate or just don’t like the idea of spending more time than you need to in the dental chair, you will love the convenience of BruxZir one day dental crowns.

Just like conventional dental crowns BruxZir is used to fix chipped and cracked teeth and to repair old dental restorations.

Your Laguna Hills dentist may even recommend BruxZir for large fillings and to cap over a tooth that has had a root canal.

Because this amazing product has been around for more than a decade you know it is a product that you can trust. You also know that your dentist wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t good for you and your teeth.

BruxZir One Day Crowns

If you would like to learn more about BruxZir one day dental crowns and same day dentistry in Laguna Hills, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Saddleback Dentistry.

Time is money, save yours and call Saddleback Dentistry for BruxZir one day crowns now.




Healthy Gums for Overall Health

One of the best things you can do for your overall health is to visit your dentist. That’s right, your dentist.

Because oral and overall health is connected regular dental checkups in Laguna Hills keep you out of the high risk category when it comes to heart disease and heart attack.

Overall Health is Linked to Oral Health

If you follow this blog you will know there is a link between oral and overall health. That link is inflammation from gum disease.

What scientists are beginning to see is that people with heart disease and other types of systemic diseases also have gum disease.

In other words when you take care of your teeth and gums you’ll be taking care of the rest of your body.

The Overall Health Connection

Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle explain that gum disease creates plaque and tartar buildup between teeth and gums.

In more severe cases the tartar gets so bad that it forms pockets between teeth and gums as well. The pockets contain bacteria that will get into the bloodstream. Once it gets into the bloodstream it attaches itself to the blood vessels.

What doesn’t attach makes it to your heart clogging your arteries. Plaque from mouth bacteria along with plaque from bad food won’t do the heart or your organs any favors.

The best way to prevent heart disease and stroke is to practice good oral health. When you brush twice, floss once a day and use an antibacterial mouthwash you are giving you and your body a fighting chance.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia cannot stress the importance of regular professional dental cleanings for overall health. When you have your teeth cleaned twice a year you are preventing plaque and tartar build up. Again, this prevents tartar from invading the rest of your body affecting your overall health.

If you have regular professional cleanings with your dental hygienist in Laguna Hills you are also preventing the need for root scaling and planing.

Root Scaling and Planing

Some people never have to deal with root scaling and planing while some require it at least once a year. Those that don’t may be lucky, however, it is more likely that they schedule regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings.

If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in some time talk to Saddleback Dentistry about a deep cleaning for your teeth. Regular professional cleanings prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

A Dentist for Overall Health

For more information regarding oral and overall health call and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Laguna Hills today.


cosmetic_dentist_Laguna Hills

A Cosmetic Dentist to Boost Your Spirits

If you have been unable to lift the corners of your mouth because of stained, crooked or missing teeth it’s time to call your cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills.

Saddleback Dentistry has the skills and education to turn up those corners giving you a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry.

A Cosmetic Dentist with the Eye

Even if you weren’t born with a perfect grin Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle have the eye when it comes to your teeth and gums.

After decades of cosmetic dentistry training you are in the best hands regardless of the condition of your teeth and gums. Even people who have had missing teeth for years walk out of this dental practice in Laguna Hills with a sparkling smile.

From veneers and implants to professional teeth whitening and cosmetic dental bonding cosmetic dentistry has helped billions of people just like you smile again.

A Beautiful Smile is a Healthy Smile

If you follow this dental blog you will recall that Dr. Conkle and Dr. Garcia are firm believers in the connection between oral and overall health. In other words unhealthy teeth and gums leads to other issues including systemic disease.

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry bring your smile back to health. This means no more crooked or chipped teeth or unplanned health emergencies.

When you schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills the two of you will assess your situation while planning your new grin.

For example, if you have periodontal disease your dentist in Orange County will treat the problem before commencing with any type of restorative solution.

Bite Problems and Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition if you have a bite problem, for example TMJD, Dr. Conkle or Dr. Garcia will look at solutions such as oral appliance therapy.

Chipped and crooked teeth are often caused by bad bites. If bad bites aren’t corrected veneers can chip or fall off completely because of constant grinding. This makes the entire process useless and expensive.

Saddleback Dentistry understands the connection and looks at the entire chewing system before recommending any type of restorative or cosmetic dentistry solution.

Having a cosmetic dentist that understands everything about teeth and gums is imperative. Especially if you want your restorations to last more than a year or two.

A Cosmetic Dentist for Your Future

If you have always wanted a brighter healthier looking smile call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment. The team from Saddleback Dentistry has the solution for your sad smile.

Call and schedule an appointment with a trained cosmetic dentist in Laguna Hills today.





Proactive Dentistry in Laguna Hills Works

Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia practice proactive dentistry and are passionate about preventive dental care.

Preventive means regular checkups with your Laguna Hills dentist. Preventive also means daily brushing and flossing as well, but that’s not all.

Your Laguna Hills dentist can’t stress the importance of a regular diet, bi annual or annual dental checkups and twice yearly dental cleanings.

Of course if you have a tendency towards tooth decay and gum disease Dr. Dean Garcia or Dr. Ryan Conkle may recommend more frequent deep cleanings to keep your gingivitis or periodontal disease under control.

Regular Dental Checkups for Proactive Dentistry

Saddleback Dentistry makes patients happy. All you have to do is read the 500 + reviews and you will understand why. Both doctors love what they do and it certainly shows.

The minute you become a patient you’ll see why families all over Laguna Hills and beyond can’t wait to go to the dentist. Even people with dental anxiety feel comfortable going to Saddleback Dentistry.

Laguna Hills Sedation Dentistry

If you are one of those people who become physically ill before a dental appointment, Saddleback Dentistry can help.

Your proactive dental practice in Laguna Hills understands how upsetting dental visits can be and offers dental sedation for people suffering from mild to severe dental anxiety.

As sedation dentists in Laguna Hills you will feel confident knowing that you won’t remember a thing during or after your dental appointment. With sedation dentistry you can take care of multiple dental procedures at the same time as well.

If dental fear is the reason you have stayed out of the chair it’s important to note that early treatment means less invasive procedures.

For example, if you have a small cavity a small filling will do the trick. However, if the filling grows, which it will, you will have to undergo additional treatment such as a crown to cap the large filling.

Proactive Dentistry Works

When you are diligent about proactive dentistry you are keeping your teeth and gums in tip top shape. This means you won’t have to endure long and invasive dental treatments. It also means you are more likely to keep your teeth for the rest of your life.

According to your Laguna Hills dentist poor oral hygiene is the number one reason adults lose teeth.

If you haven’t seen your dentist for some time, or aren’t happy with the one you have now, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Saddleback Dentistry. It’s proactive dentistry that you haven’t experienced before.

Call or send a direct message today. 





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