Comfort & Sedation

Comfortable and pain-free treatment

Comfort & Sedation

Our team provides blankets to help keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Patient comfort is paramount at Saddleback Dentistry. Our warm and friendly staff create a relaxing atmosphere, and the doctors employ minimally invasive treatment methods to make your visit more enjoyable.

Our team will provide you with comfort amenities such as blankets, TVs, headphones and beverages during your visit.

Caring and attentive service

Comfort & Sedation

We offer our patients refreshing beverages.

Our attentive care begins with a warm welcome when you walk through our office door. Our friendly staff will see to your comfort at every step of your visit.

Dr. Garcia and Dr. Conkle will make you feel at ease during your treatment. They explain all the details of your procedure ahead of time so that you know what to expect, which can help to relieve you of any anxiety you may have. During the procedure, they will check with you often to make sure you’re doing well.

Minimally invasive, comfortable treatment

The doctors make use of the latest dental technology for a pain-free, minimally invasive experience. For instance, gentle lasers are used for comfortable gum disease treatment and cosmetic gum treatment, and ultrasonic cleaning devices are used to gently break up plaque and tartar buildup using sound waves.

For dental implants, Dr. Conkle and Dr. Garcia use state-of-the-art imaging technology to precisely plan the procedure ahead of time for easy, non-surgical implant placement. This means no cutting or stitches during the procedure and minimal or no post-treatment discomfort.

Gentle, pain-free injections

Dr. Garcia and Dr. Conkle are known for giving pain-free injections of local anesthetic. First they use a topical anesthetic on the spot where the injection will take place. Once the area has numbed a little, the anesthetic is administered gently and slowly to minimize any discomfort.

Relax with the help of sedation

Sedation dentistry can bring relief to patients who are afraid of getting dental work. It can also be helpful during long or complex procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant placements or full-mouth reconstruction procedures.

To help you relax during your treatment, we offer two sedation options: IV sedation (also known as Deep Conscious Sedation) and Inhalation Conscious Sedation with nitrous oxide (also known as “laughing gas”).

Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

Comfort & SedationDr. Chad Tomazin is our fully board-certified anesthesiologist.

Along with his extensive training as a dentist and an anesthesiologist, Dr. Tomazin stays up to date on the most recent literature and equipment in order to provide patients with the safest and most comfortable anesthesia experience. He sits in during the entire procedure and continuously monitors you.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is inhaled through a mask over your nose, inducing a relaxed state. You will remain conscious with this option.

IV Sedation

With IV sedation, medication is administered directly into the bloodstream intravenously, and you are put into a relaxed, light sleep-like state. You are not totally unconscious as with general anesthesia and can still follow the doctor’s instructions and respond to his communication. With IV sedation, anesthesia levels can be precisely controlled by the anesthesiologist for optimal patient comfort and safety.

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