Teeth Whitening in Laguna Hills

Teeth Whitening in Laguna Hills

Get a whiter, more confident smile!

Teeth Whitening in Laguna HillsTeeth can become stained, yellow or darkened due to many causes. Some contributing factors include everyday habits like smoking and drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Over time, stains on the surface of the teeth darken the layer of dentin beneath the enamel, making the tooth look yellow or discolored.

A bright, white smile can be a big boost to your confidence. Dr. Conkle and Dr. Garcia offer three powerful whitening options to quickly make your teeth several shades lighter. The doctors will be happy to recommend a whitening solution that best fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Why should you get your teeth whitened by a professional?

There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening options available these days, but there’s nothing more powerful than professional-strength whitening by a dentist. Our whitening options have the ability to deeply penetrate the enamel of your teeth and bring out the toughest stains.

Zoom! In-house whitening

Teeth WhiteningPhilips Zoom is the #1 most patient-requested professional whitening brand. This procedure is an ideal choice for patients looking for fast results. In 45 minutes, you can whiten your teeth up to eight shades.

The treatment consists of a short preparation period and three 15-minute bleaching sessions. During each session, a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a proprietary LED light is used to accelerate the chemical reaction of the gel.

Take-home whitening trays

Teeth WhiteningTeeth WhiteningWe offer two at-home whitening options, Opalescence and Discus Dental NiteWhite, which both contain ingredients to minimize sensitivity for a comfortable whitening experience. The doctor will create custom trays for you and give you instructions on how to apply the bleaching gel.

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